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About the Program

Certified Specialist Program
Becoming a Certified Specialist gives you recognition as a leader in your field. The right combination of experience and education provides you with an opportunity to distinguish yourself.

The Certified Specialist program will help lawyers acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to qualify for certification as a specialist in a given practice area. To that end each specialty now has:

The learning criteria and standards for certification are grouped by Areas of Specialization.

Qualifications for Certification

You may submit an application for certification when you have:

Areas of Specialization


Renewal of Certification

Certification is renewed on an annual basis simply by filling a Certification Annual Report (pdf) attesting to compliance with continued substantial involvement and annual CPD requirement.

Commitment to Equity

The Certified Specialist Program encourages participation from all qualified applicants, without discriminating on the basis of race, creed, age, language, nationality, place of origin, ethnic origin, Aboriginal status, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation or socio-economic status.

Ethical Standards

Certified Specialists must notify the Certified Specialist Board whenever they fail to meet the minimum standards of their area of specialty at any time during the course of their certification. The Board retains the power to revoke the specialist status where warranted.